Sunday, August 31, 2008

Brody goes to see Thomas the Train

Saturday, Pops and Brian took Brody to see Thomas the Train. (Thanks JR!) They had a great time. Nanners and I went on a rafting trip, so it was a real boys day.

Getting ready to go see Thomas...
Brian and Brody rode a train in the parking lot. Pops was ordered to take a ton of pictures. He did a great job. He also made a little movie and as soon as I figure out how to put that on here I will...
Look at that precious face!
Visiting the petting zoo

Here comes Thomas!!

Brian and Brody in front of their car
Brian and Brody on the train. They said he was content and happy the whole time. What a sweet little man.

Brody and Pops!
Looking out the window of the train.

Sights from the train ride: This is the inner city bus depot. Brian goes here every Tuesday night to ride the bus that brings our inner city kids to church.

Titans Stadium
The General Jackson.
THANKS POPS!! It was a wonderful day!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Brody's First Birthday Celebration

I think we fixed the computer issue, so here we go. I originally had about 100 pictures to put on here but narrowed it down to a few. This is Brody's precious birthday cake that Nanners made. It was so good!!

This is Brody's cake..he loved it!

He's not so sure about it yet.
Trying the cake...

I think he likes it!

Daddy decided to try some too...

Our Family!
Brody shared with Pops
Time for presents! Brody got the hang of tearing the paper
Books from Pops and Nanners
The talking Puppy!

Our Big Man! He ate quite a bit! It was a great party! I only cried on his actual birthday..not at his party. I just can't believe he is 1! We are so blessed and we are so thankful!

Birthday Pictures..sort of

Sorry I have not been better about putting up pictures from our Big Man's First Birthday! I can't believe he is one already. We are so blessed. Well, here's how it is. After Brody's big party, Brian and Pops went to Bristol (Hi everybody at TPI!!) so Brody and I went to Nanners house for 4 days. Now that we are back and settled there is something going on with our computer and it won't let me upload anymore pictures. Being the technology challenged person that I am, I will have Brian take a look and hopefully I can get more pictures up tonight. There are some really cute ones so stay tuned...

This is right before dinner...The excitement was getting to him!

This is Brody and his friend JD. Almost cake time!

Monday, August 11, 2008

New Brody Pictures

Our little man turns 1 this week! I can't talk about it...Here are some recent pictures of our precious boy!

Brody with Uncle Kale and Aunt Amy at their couples shower in Gallatin.

Brody and I went to the park with Aunt Mamie (that's Amy Haynes) and the little boy she babysits on Friday. We had a blast swinging!