Sunday, July 20, 2008

Fourth of July Pictures (a little late..)

Here are some Fourth of July pictures...Brody and Brian went swimming. Notice Brody's patriotic bathing suit. My handsome boys!

Brody now poses for the camera. Such a little ham.
I love Brody's muscle man red, white, and blue outfit.

Swimming Lessons

We have been taking "swimming lessons" over the past two weeks. It was a Mommy and Me class at the Jimmy Floyd Center in Lebanon. We took it with our friends Stephanie and JD. Here are some pictures Nanners took...

This was right before the instructor would take Brody and put him under the water to "swim"
Stephanie and I with our boys!

It took longer to get the boys ready after swim class than the actual class...but we had fun!
This is JD..isn't he precious!!
Our boys...